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What to Expect

Initial visit:

The first visit is the consultation and lasts approximately one hour. During that time Dr. Richards will talk to both the parent and the child about the child's symptoms and personal history, what their expectations of neurofeedback are, what they know about neurofeedback, and the costs and time associated with the process. If Dr. Richards feels that the child is a good candidate for neurofeedback training, then he will begin the assessment process, which may include both on screen (computer-based) assessments as well as take home written questionnaires. He will also familiarize the child with the office and the equipment used in the sessions.

Second visit:

The second visit also lasts approximately one hour and is the time to finish the assessment process, which includes mapping the brain (the QEEG). Dr. Richards will then take the results of the assessments and correlate them with the child's symptoms and history to come up with a treatment plan, which will be presented to the parent and child during the third visit.

Third visit:

The third visit again lasts about an hour. Dr. Richards will present the results of the assessments (including the brain map) to the parent and child along with a treatment plan. He will discuss the treatment and answer any questions that either parent or child has. At that point treatment will begin with the first training session.

Subsequent visits:

The training sessions occur at a frequency of two to three times a week and last from 30 to 45 minutes each. Generally a child will need anywhere from 30 to 60 training sessions for the effects to become permanent. Re-assessments will be performed every 10 to 15 sessions, and Dr. Richards will review the results with the parent and child.

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