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Unlock Your Brain’s Potential!

Unlock your brain’s potential in 4 easy steps:


Find out if neurofeedback training is right for you or your child.


Complete a brain map and cognitive testing to assess your brain function.


Train using neurofeedback in the office or in the comfort of your own home.


Have follow-up brain maps and cognitive testing for comparison.

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Ideal mental health is all about the brain

Any brain function that can be measured can also be trained. Using special equipment, brain function can be observed in real time and rewarded for changing its activity.

During a typical half-hour training session, the brain receives around 3,000 rewards. The brain receives tens of thousands of rewards over the typical 30-60 training sessions. That’s a lot of practice for the brain!

Research has shown that this amount of repetition makes permanent changes in the brain’s hard-wiring. Neurofeedback actually changes the brain.